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Using a fence reduces the chances that your children will face danger in the pool. You must check your pool fence each year before the pool season starts. Make sure that the gates are adjusted, and haven't degraded during the winter. Sometimes you'll find that you need parts to your pool fence.


What most people need is a gate adjustment. There are clear instructions how to do this. Please call us at 1-855-766-7665 to request a gate adjustment sheet.


People in the summer are having pool parties, during which they want to take out and roll up their pool fence. They don’t want their deck holes to show, hence, the most commonly requested parts are DECK PLUGS. There is no such thing as average size of deck holes! We have two deck hole sizes, please make sure that you order the correct size when you are ordering your plugs.

Deck Plugs Sizes


Please make sure that you still watch the children (if children present), you should always dedicate a person watch the pool.


If you need any parts, please do not hesitate to contact us or your local dealer.



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